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    Advertise on our Online Newspaper ‘The ICD-10 News Digest

    ‘The ICD-10 News Digest’ is a daily digest of the latest ICD-10 news from around the web. To place your advertisement on our paper, please contact us with the location where you wish to place your ad and the duration in weeks. At this point we can only accept ads for a maximum of 12 weeks.

    We accept 300X250 pixel ads in .jpg, .gif, .swf and .png formats and offer the following locations on our site. Advertising is subject to review for appropriateness and for consistency with the style of our site.

    Choose where you want your ad to be seen and contact us at support@icdxwalk.com

    Introductory Pricing!

          1. Headlines page, position 1 – Introductory price – $45 per week*
          2. Headlines page, position 2 – Introductory price – $25 per week*
          3. Headlines page, position 3 – Introductory price – $25 per week*
          4. Topic page, position 1 – Introductory price – $15 per week*
          * Maximum duration – 12 weeks


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